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    create a new dimension

    Vijay Alluri



      can you assist with the below question:


      I have a dimension with the following data as below with various measures tied to it like sales, costs etc. how can I create a calc field to break down the dimension into desired values. For example, I want a dimension which shows only the last quarter of the data which is FY19Q1 and another dimension to show the value prior to it. Finally, my goal is to create dimension using calculated fields to identify the latest quarter, prior quarter etc. Can the level of detail expression help with this problem?


      Fiscal Quarter









      As per the workbook attached. I can calculate the current quarter based on the current quarter flag field which is available in my original data source, how can I calculate the value for "previous quarter" field to be FY18Q4 for the dimension "Previous Quarter" in this given scenario.


      Please find attached the workbook. thanks !!