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    tableau project global_superstore_2016 need help

    john singh

      I am learning tableau need help on below requirements
      I am using version 10.5. I have attached twbx file

      Requirements for this project As

      As a first step the VP planned to evaluate all the BI tools available in the market. Tableau was selected as it met his requirements. Using Tableau, he wanted his team members to give him the forecast of Sales for the next year as well as the probability of refunds category wise for a year. This will help him plan his next steps to avoid the refunds. He wanted a dashboard that would contain the following:
      • A list of Order returned by the Customers from Top 10 Countries (in terms of refund)
      • Top 10 Countries mapped on the World Map that had most of the refunds
      • Predict the refund for next 1 year category-wise
      Actions to be Performed to Create the Dashboard
      • Create Hierarchies and Folders in the dataset provided
      • Generate a list of order returned from customers and compare it to the original sales, sort the visualization in ascending order in terms of returned order, for top 10 countries in terms of refunds.
      • Map top 10 countries, with most of the refunds on the world map
      • Predict the returned sale with lowest and actual forecast of the data
      • Add a URL action to represent details of the countries
      • Finally publish your work to Tableau Server/ Online