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    Unable to refresh data from Qualtrics - Web Data Connectors

    Black Szu

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I was unable to refresh data on Tableau server from Qualtrics WDC. I haven't found a lot of information regarding this topic on line. And so far neither Tableau nor Qualtrics helpdesk have responded any useful solution.


      I am not a Tableau administrator myself, but am working with one closely for this issue. She followed the instruction here, and (1) whitelisted the WDC url, and (2) set webdataconnector.refresh.enabled  to "true"


      I was able to connect to Qualtrics WDC via API authentication, and refresh the data, on my Tableau Desktop (v10.2). I was also able to publish the Qualtrics Data source to Tableau server (with a refresh schedule, v10.5). However, the server fresh failed with the error "connectionNotWhitelisted". One weird thing is that the WDC url was changed in the process of publishing the data source, which you can see below (my steps):


      1. On Tableau desktop (v10.2) I connected to Qualtrics Web Data Connector, whose url is "https://company.qualtrics.com/API/tableauwdc/ui/?surveyId=SV_xxxxx". Everything works normally. This URL was whitelisted on the server.


      2. When publishing the data source to our server (v10.5), “Embedded password” was selected.



      3. However, once published,  the URL was changed automatically to  “https://company.qualtrics.com:433/API/tableauwdc/ui”, a generic url without the surveyID for unknown reason. The data refresh failed. Note that this URL was also whitelisted for the sake of testing. But that didn't help.


      4. Further, I was not able to edit the connection (the option was grayed-out).


      Any insight is appreciated. Thanks very much.