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    Can't login to Tableau Public account

    Brenden Goetz

      I forgot the password to a Public account I created, and also lost access to the email account that my Public site is linked to (so I can't send the "reset password" email). I'm trying to transfer ownership of that account to someone else at the organization that I left... anything that can be done to either 1) get me access to that account so I can update the password and hand it over or 2) have someone at Tableau Public transfer ownership of that account? Thanks!

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          Hello Brenden,


          The Tableau Public account will need to be reset by either having the password reset email sent. Or by logging in to make the changes in Tableau Public. Unfortunately if neither of these optinos are available you will not be able to access the account. If access could be gained to the old email address the password reset link could be used.





          Byrne, Patrick