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    URL Action to trigger Parameter on Target Dashboard

    ShivaRam Chennapragada



      I have 3 dashboards published to Tableau Server, one for Marketing team (Marketing), one for Operations team (Ops) and one for common purpose (Details). Both Marketing and Ops dashboard offers a high level summary view of Sales performance. However, if a user wants to dive deeper and see what's happening at lower levels he'd be pointed to Details dashboard. For this, I have a URL action embedded on both dashboards that takes them to Details.


      On Details dashboard, on first view I have a parameter that lets user to toggle between Ops and Markets views, which is essential. Currently, through URL action the user is redirected to the details dashboard but irrespective of the team, he sees the default view which is Markets. I want to give that additional nice to have feature like if a user is navigating from Ops dashboard the parameter should toggle to show Ops view, and if user is navigating from Markets the parameter should trigger Markets view. Is there a way can I do that? I know we can use filters that are part of source dashboard, but is there a way that I can trigger target dashboard views?


      I hope the question is clear, I tried to be as articulate as possible.


      Thank you,

      Shiva Ram.