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    Difficulty Displaying AR Data

    Chris Glaser

      Hello, I am trying to construct some reports through Tableau. I am comparing data amongst a variety of locations and across a range of three months. I am having difficulty in getting it into the format I want so that Tableau can out put in the way I want.


      I am trying to construct an AR aging for each location that compares it across each month, currently the Excel work book I'm using is formatted as such:



      I have 3 separate tabs in the exact same layout, one for each month. What I need to be able to do is construct a graph for one location at a time but with each of the three months presented.




      EDIT: I have devised a workaround where I compiled each month into one sheet and have been able to get it to consolidate to one graph. However, I would like to make a stacked bar graph by month and it stacks by the AR aging category instead. How can I fix this?