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    box-and-whisker plot for multiple measures at once?

    Joseph Clark

      I've got survey data with several questions scored on a 1-5 scale, and would like to generate a boxplot of their distributions.  This is far more difficult than I expected.  If I drag Measure Values to Rows and then unselect "Aggregate Measures" from the Analysis menu, the box-and-whisker plot type becomes available, but this is what it generates:


      If I then drag Measure Names to the columns, I get this kind of staggered layout:

      What's the trick to getting these box-and-whisker plots all into one frame, side-by-side?

      This question has been asked and answered before (here: Creating side-by-side box and whisker plots with multiple measures using the same scale ) but the questioner and answerer are both referring to a workbook that has been subsequently deleted, so I can't figure out what they did.