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    Row level security

    kamran munib

      how low level security is implemented? I wanted to know how a user can only see the data related to his organization? Where is the low level security maintained?

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          Emanual Henry

          I'm in a call center setting.  So we have Agents, Supervisors, Managers, etc.  We started in SQL. 


          1.) We created a field which contained delimited NT Logins of the user up through his hierarchy.



                    Employee_hierarchy_NT = Joe.Schmoe, John.Doe, William.Thatcher, Jane.Doe


          2.) We created a calculated field. 



          3.) Add this calculated field to your filter where = TRUE.


               Alternately, we used a parameter to let users decide if they want to see all the data or the data that is relevant to them.

                    IF [Display] = 'My Team'

                        AND CONTAINS(lower([Employee_hierarchy_NT]),lower(USERNAME())) THEN 1

                    ELSEIF [Display] = 'Everyone' THEN 1


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            kamran munib

            Thanks alot