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    Perform Data Visualization Operation

    Devendra Supe

      I attached tableau workbook with adult and iris data sources.I want to perform few operation on them.

      Please see the below operation


      1) 1D (Linear) Data visualization

      2) 2D (Planar) Data Visualization

      3) 3D (Volumetric) Data Visualization

      4) Temporal Data Visualization

      5) Multidimensional Data Visualization

      6) Tree/ Hierarchical Data visualization

      7) Network Data visualization


      I want to do these operation in tableau.

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          Matt Lutton

          Take it one question at a time, as a way to generate more interest in your question(s).  It's a bit tough to create general charts without a description of the goal/data, particularly without really knowing the data being used.  I would take a look at the getting started links here to get the best help possible on this volunteer-based forum. Getting Started in the Forums So Your Question Didn't Get Answered...


          I'm not sure what some of these visualizations even look like without doing further research, and most people do not have that kind of time.  I would recommend starting with a single question/visualization and go from there.


          Best wishes and happy analyzing!  The folks on this community LOVE to help, but this question is likely a bit broad to get a quality answer.  I hope that makes sense - no offense intended, I just want you to have the best experience possible when using these forums.