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    can't make SSL certificate work

    Anthony Gacayan



      I am new at installing tableau server. We are planning to implement SSL and reverse proxy to our tableau server to be able to access outside our network. we installed the tableau server in a virtual machine and it has a host name "tableauserver1.mydomain.local" which is working fine and accessible inside our network. So i have read that tableau accepts wild card SSL certificates and we do have one which is "*.domain.org" (i know i doing something wrong in this part), so i tried to use it with the tableauserver but it does not work, i think because it has a different domain name. I tried adding a subdomain on our vendor web hosting "tableauserver1.domain.org" but it still does not work. i do not know if i need to change something on the DNS server or anything. Please help!

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          Murali Baddela

          Hi Anthony,

          I have had issues with setting up SSL on out Tableau server hosted on a VM.


          But eventually figured out a solution.


          I am not too sure about wild card certificates that Tableau can accept.

          Having said that.

          (1) When you open Tableau after setting up SSL on the VM machine, does Tableau throw a warning/error ?

          (2) Does this warning persists when you try open Tableau from your local desktop machine .


          If it works for scenario (1) and does not for scenario (2) . Its a certificate issue.

          When you enable SSL on the server settings on the Tableau Server VM does the window show a graceful exit. If it does nto I would recommend examining the server logs.



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            Anthony Gacayan

            Hi Murali,


            Thanks for sharing your experience. i have error certificate error saying "mismatched address" on VM and local computers which also does not let me log in. Also when i enable SSL it gives me a graceful exit which i believe it accepts the SSL certificate the thing is that i don't how to change the address of tableau server.

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              Murali Baddela


                I would eliminate these first:

              (1) Get with your network folks and see if there's any blocking from your desktop --> the Taleau Server (tableauserver1.mydomain.local)

              (2) https connections for Tableau usually talk on port:443 , see if there's any connection coming into this port , network software should be able display that.

              (3) You mentioned you have a "*.domain.org" certificate , did you install it and go thru mmc (microsoft management console) and install the certificate . Then get the crt and key files and apply these in the Server manager console?


              It might help to open a ticket with Tableau as fast using wildcard certs.

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                Carisa Chang

                Hi Anthony,


                You mention your Tableau Server is on "domain.local" and your wildcard cert is for "domain.org" - these two do not match, which would explain the error you are seeing. You'll want to work with your internal IT team on how to rename your computer and/or attach it to the correct domain, and then get an SSL certificate created that matches your computer. If you get a matching certificate, and you still see errors, Tableau Support can help sort out what is going on. The first step will be getting a matching certificate and going from there

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                  Anthony Gacayan

                  Hi Murali and Carisa,


                  Thanks for all your suggestions this gives a lot of insights. Sad part i am part of the IT team(small team) we are helping one of our employee to build tableau server for their project. I myself is new to deploying SSL and reverse proxy and my team also has little knowledge about this. I'll do all your advise and update this thread once i figured this out.