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    Passing multiple values from a filter to a parameter based on Custom SQL

    Srinivas Manda

      I have a custom SQL based on HANA Scripted Calculation view. Based on Input Parameters i created Tableau parameters P_TCODE, P_LCODE.

      SELECT * FROM "_SYS_BIC"."results.views/AROUND_TIME"(

      'PLACEHOLDER' = ('$$IP_RESULT_DATE_FROM$$', '2017-01-01'),

      'PLACEHOLDER' = ('$$IP_RESULT_DATE_TO$$', '2018-01-01'),

      'PLACEHOLDER' = ('$$IP_ORDER_TCODE$$',<Parameters.P_TCODE>),

      'PLACEHOLDER' = ('$$IP_RESP_LCODE$$',<Parameters.P_LCODE>))


      We are using HANA live connection


      I was able to select the data when i enter multiple value manually in the Tableau Parameters as in the following format in the parameter 'VALUE1','VALUE2'


      For the Filtering -- I need to select the values from a filter and pass those values to the parameters enclosed with single quotes and comma separated.

      I need your help to achieve this?

      I went through so many blogs but not able to find a solution for my scenario.



      Appreciate your help