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    Tokyo English Tableau User Group - Episode 4

    Lennart Jedele

      Dear All,


      Thank you for joining our 4th English User Group on March 29th. It was another great event to share our Tableau journeys and learn from each other. A big shout out to our two amazing guest speakers Kevin and Masabumi for sharing their use cases with us!


      If you missed the event of just want to recheck what we discussed please check out below summary. I have also attached one of Kevins dashboards as well as several links to Masabumis Tableau Public account; so make sure to check them out too.


      If you have any questions or want to discuss more, feel free to reach out to me via email or comment down below.


      Till next time!




      Masabumi Furuhata – GRI Inc.

      His whole presentation can be found here:



      -         When trying to rank values that are spread out across multiple columns, pivoting/melting the data makes analytics easier. Many tools can be used for that, such as:

      Ø  Tableau Desktop

      Ø  Alteryx

      Ø  Talend

      Ø  Maestro

      Ø  Etc.

      -         Masabumi used infographics to communicate meaning of the ranking to the viewer

      Ø  https://public.tableau.com/profile/griinc6648#!/vizhome/_17653/sheet0

      Ø  Tip: “Mobilefish” has a great tool to find coordinates on a picture


      -         Mapping train user data on a map

      Ø  https://public.tableau.com/profile/griinc6648#!/vizhome/_20252/sheet0

      Ø  Tip: List of train station coordinates can be found at https://ekidata.jp/

      Ø Comment from Tableau: Since version 10.2 Tableau supports shape files, which is another easy way to plot things like train lines. Good data sets can be found here:


      -         If Tableau’s default map does not suffice, Masabumi recommended using Mapbox to customize the background map

      -         To show network data, Masa recommended using Javascript


      Masabumis conclusion:

      -         Ranking is a good start to understand data

      -         Tableau is not good at showing networked data

      -         Sometimes data needs to be reshaped to be useed efficiently (pivoting/melting)

      -         Tableau makes it easy to slice and filter ranked data interactively




      Kevin Reynolds - TEAC


      -         Kevin shared several internal use cases of Tableau Desktop

      Ø  HR Dashboards showing costs across different age groups as well as employee performance (talent matrix)

      Ø  Sales data to interactively show what products are sold to which customers

      -         Current challenge: Unifying data that is spread across the company and driving Tableau adoption

      -         Plan to overcome challenge: Create Tableau Online POC that drives actionable outcome

      Ø  “Don’t ask what users want. Ask them what kind of problems they are trying to solve”

      -         Kevin shared a dashboard with a self-made interactive trend line, which is not Tableau's default line. This allows to use the tooltip interactively, as well as reusing values from the trend line equation for other calculations (you can find the sample dashboard in the attachment)




      Lennart Jedele – Tableau

      Project Maestro Introduction and Demo


      -         Project Maestro is Tableaus upcoming new product

      -         It is a data preparation tool by and for Tableau

      -         Allows data preparation while getting direct and visual feedback to changes made

      -         You can find more information and sign up for the beta here: