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    Excel Data Source Not Refreshing - Live Connection

    Kevin Tsui

      Hi.  The situation is simple.  I have an Excel file as my Live data connection.  It's a simple table.  I update the table on Excel.  Save the file.  And then go into Tableau to refresh the data source pointing to that Excel file.  I look at the preview of the data in the Data Source tab and it doesn't match what is on the Excel file.  Instead, it is showing the data before I made an update to the Excel file.  It's almost as if it's only showing the cached version.  It may be difficult to understand this so I'll explain it another way:


      1. Excel file has a table of numbers.
      2. I update cell A2 from "3" to "5".  Save the file.  I close the file.
      3. I go to Tableau which is already pointing to this Excel file as a data source (Live connection).
      4. I hit refresh.
      5. Tableau data preview still shows "3" in cell A2.
      6. I open back up my Excel file - cell A2 is still "5".

      Why is this happening?