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    How to publish same data source to multiple sites with different parameter?

    John Hobby

      Hey ya'll,


      Ok, so I need to start to try and figure this thing out.  I'm going to guess the TABCMD may be an option, but not as familiar with it and currently do not have access to log into the actual Tableau server as that is controlled by out tech-ops department.  I am the server admin - so can do all the 'stuff' I currently need from logging into the server.


      Background:  We are currently on TS 10.4, have ~180 user accounts, over 50 individual sites and are pushing about 800 extracts across the sites.  Each site contain from 5 to almost 200 individual data sources, depending on the site.  In our world, a site is defined as a 'company', so users can be assigned to their company site to access their information.  With some sites, there are multiple company extracts.  Example:  Company A Financials, Company B Financials, Company C Financials, etc.  leading up to many data sources that are specific to that company.  So far, this is working extremely well.


      Data Sources:  We have 5 different data sources - Financials, Patients, Scheduling, 2 Claims data sources. 


      Current process:  As new development work is done on a data source, let's say the financials, I then have to go site by site to figure out who doesn't have the 'latest' version, add that company ID into the data source using my desktop, publish an empty extract on top of the existing one and then fire off the refresh for the server to grab all new data.  This has become extremely cumbersome, as I'm currently the only one who is doing all of this - haven't been given a team



           *  How can I make an update to the 'master' data source and then publish it to ALL sites and have the data source change to all the different company IDs ?  Is that even possible?




      Financial Data Source version 1

      select companyid, somedate, charges from oracledatabase where companyid = <tableau parameter>


      Financial Data Source version 2

      select companyid, companyname, somedate, charges from oracledatabase where companyid = <tableau parameter>



      Is there some way to run something that will take version 2 and insert the parameter of the company id and publish to the correct site, into the correct project and overwrite the existing version 1?  Oh, and all these data sources are not the same name - rather the extract is called 'Company A Financials' or some variation of that.


      Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.