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    Please Help Very Urgent!!! Re-Creating Pace Analysis Chart

    Stanley Nwador

      Hello there,


      So i'm new to Tableau and was assigned my very first assignment with my company, and it's due tomorrow.


      I am to re-create the charts on the Excel Worksheet below (Pace Analysis Chart)(also see attachment) in Tableau but using the data on my attached Tableau Worksheet and I've been trying for days now but with no luck. My job is on the line here so can someone please help me try to re-create both charts but in 30 Day intervals instead of 7 Day



      Please, I really don't have anyone else to turn to for help but here.


      I've attached 2 worksheets as samples to use (Pace Analysis Report_v10.3 is the original and preferred worksheet to used but if you can't open it then use the other one) and I've also attached the Excel worksheet i'm trying to re-create but in 30 Day interval instead of 7 Day. And it doesn't even have to be exactly like the Excel sheet but close.


      Thank you so very much in advance for helping.