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    Worksheet into Template to connect a different data source

    Randi Hartman



      I attempted to use my Profit Map worksheet connected to - Sample - Superstore as a template.  I duplicated the worksheet & tried to connect Profit Map (2) to a different data source: Opportunity Data.  I still want Profit map connected to Sample- Superstore.  Every time I update the data source on one they both change to that source.  Essentially I am trying to determine if there is a way to lock Profit Map onto= Sample - Superstore data source, while Profit Map (2) stays connected to Opportunity Data. 


      I'm hoping this explanation is clear to all you Tableau Jedi's...I am still a noob.  

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          Joe Oppelt

          REPLACE DATA SOURCE acts on the whole workbook.

          Make a copy of your workbook.  In the copy, do REPLACE.  Then right click on the tab of the sheet you want hooked to the new data source.  Select COPY.


          Now go back to the original workbook.  Start a new sheet.  right click the tab.  Hit PASTE.  The sheet from the copy workbook will get added to the original workbook, and it will be hooked to the new data without impacting existing sheets.