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    Top N per Month

    David Hernandez

      Hi All,


      While there are plenty of discussions surrounding Top N analysis, I wasn’t able to find a solution that fit my issue exactly.


      I have a trended chart by month where my goal is to sum up the total billings for the Top N products (grey bar) per month and compare it to a total (this is blended from another data source - but not important for this case).


      I need to sum up the Top N product Billings per month without adding the product ID into the detail / calculating the rank. Here is what I’ve tried so far:


      • Top N filter using Product ID: This does not take into the top N per month, it uses the top N across the entire data set
      • Top N set using Product ID: Same problem as above
      • Add Product ID to the detail and perform and filter based on a table calculation for rank: Not feasible because there are potentially millions of products per month and the viz won’t render at all


      Thanks for any help in advance!