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    Table computation and display

    Mohinder Singh

      Hi All


      I am new to tableau desktop and still learning.

      I have data in the following format


      FIIDStateRegionClient TierService LevelBPS
      000003MIMidWestCommunityRisk Office9.43
      000004IAMidWestRegionalRisk Office0.11
      000015SCSouthEastCommunityNot Risk Office0.12
      000016SCSouthEastCommunityNot Risk Office0.13
      000019INMidWestCommunityRisk Office0.14
      000027WVSouthEastRegionalRisk Office0.15
      000038WVSouthEastRegionalRisk Office0.16
      000048IAMidWestCommunityNot Risk Office0
      000053ILMidWestRegionalRisk Office1.09


      Now I know how to display data(BPS) for single client. My problem is how to display data for Region and client both.


      For example : if I select client(000003) from filter then it should display data like below.




      calculation for above one should be like this.

      1. First calculate from which region client belongs. For example 00003 belongs to MidWest

      2. Get average BPS for that region(MidWest) where Service Level = "Risk Office".


      Thank you all for help.


      Mohinder Singh