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    Custom Calculation to Check if Trigger Has Been Sent

    Jose Avila

      Hi all,


      We have a vizalert that needs to go out once a day but there are times that the extract it's depending on finishes after the scheduled time of the schedule. I remember watching a presentation from the Tableau Conference on a custom calculation that will check if the alert has been sent or not. If it hasn't been sent, then the user will receive the alert. If it has been sent then there is nothing that needs to be sent.


      Does anybody know what calculation I would need and if I would need to make another viz in order to accommodate this issue?



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          Matt Coles

          There's no data that VizAlerts can use to determine if the alert has already been sent or not, unfortunately. However, there are other tricks you could employ.


          • Is the extract it depends on local to the workbook, or is it a published data source? If the former, then the latest version of VizAlerts has a feature where you can schedule the alert to run when the extract refreshes, rather than on a time-based schedule.
          • You could simply push the schedule back to when the extract was certain to have run by.
          • You could build a calc to represent a datetime value for when the refresh last ran. For example, you could use an LOD calc against the data your alert viz is built on that simply looks for the maximum date value across all the records. If there is nothing from the last 24 hours, then you could assume that the data has not been refreshed yet, and the alert shouldn't be triggered.
          • You could work with your admin to connect to the Tableau Server repository database directly, and blend information on extract refresh times into your Action calc. It'd be something like "if my alert condition is true, and the max successful refresh time for the extract was in the last hour, then send the alert".


          Let me know if that helps.

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            Jose Avila

            I'll try these options out and report back. Thanks!