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    Blending data base with line of time to forecast monthly revenue

    Alejandro Mendoza

      Hello Dear Forum.  I have a simple question:


      I want to forecasting revenue per month.  I have Apartment A that is rented from Jan 15 2018 to April 30 2018.   Apartment B is rented from May 20 2018 to April 30 2019.   I would like to see the forecast of  revenue per month and adjusting a prorated revenue in the first month according with the days used in that month:  Apartment A:  would be paying only 15 days of Jan and Apartment B: paying only 20 days of May.


      a) How to build the line of time ?  May I use a blend or a left join with a another data column ?

      b) How can I adjust the first month based on days of occupancy.


      Thanks, !