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    Dynamic Reporting Date in Dashbaord

    Syed Asghar

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I have been trying my hands on something in Tableau and finding it hard to implement. I have attached my sample workbook and the data source I am using from excel. The second tab in Excel shows the final dashboards I want to see as the end result; the first of which I have accomplished in Tableau using the desktop version.


      There are 5 kinds of products for which the quality runs happen at different times. My goal is to return the 'Result' of the product based on the latest available 'Quality Run Time' which is 29th March 2018. I got to this part using two calculated fields below:


      {FIXED [Product] : MAX([Quality Run Time])} as 'Max_Date'

      IF [Quality Run Time] = [Max_Date] THEN [Result] END as 'Max_Result'


      The result of this is below as well. The problem is I want a dynamic 'Reporting Period' filter for the user to be able to choose from available dates in the 'Quality Run Time.' For example if I wanted to run a report for 27th March 2018, based on the logic I should see the dashboard below (ex from Tab 2 in Excel). I am guessing my calculated fields need to be dynamic somehow and I have tried many different options but it hasn't worked yet. HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!





      Data Source:


      29th March 2018

      27th March 2018