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    Calculations between two sheets

    Mila T

      I have, in Sheet1, filtered year (2017) and filtered quarter (Q4 from 2017).


      In Sheet2, I have filtered year (2018) and quarter (Q1 from 2018).

      Picture below as an example.


      Now, I need to calculated difference between last value from Sheet2 and the value from Sheet1.

      This means I need: 94.000-100.000

                                      44.000- 50.000

                                        8.000-   5.000


      I don't know how to "connect" two sheets in calculation.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mila,


          Do you have a sample workbook to share?  The two sheets of an excel workbook will appear as tables in Tableau.  The linking value here for a Join appears to be the field [Div]  but to determine what's possible we need to see how dates are represented in the data.  is the data really just the text Q1 and Q4?  If so, then a calculated field will be needed to turn these into dates. 


          Providing a workbook with the sample data would help to assist you.


          Packaged workbooks: when, why, how


          Thank you