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    Overlapping colors in gantt chart

    Ashwini K

      Hello Guys,


      I have an urgent requirement where I need to create a gantt chart with my data. The requirement is that I need to show the usage of different assets in various shifts they occur (Shifts mean day shift or night shift or evening shift...etc) An asset can have any number of shifts in a day (maximum 4) . I need to display a gantt chart in such a way that we can figure out whether an asset is used in the shift timing limits or not and in which shift it is being used ??

      For that the customer requires coloring to be done accordingly. I am attaching a workbook where I tried my best to achieve close to the requirement but I am not able to overlap the color of asset duration with that of shift duration. Please take a look at the attached workbook and also the image below the chart in the same dashboard which shows the format required.

      I need help on this urgently !


      Thanks in advance