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    Action Filter different dashboards - but stay on current dashboard when action applied

    Tony Ball

      Hi All,


      I hope you are well and wondered if you can help me with an actions headache!


      I have 2 dashboards in one worksheet - lets call them dashboard A and Dashboard B


      In dashboard A I have a sheet that I want to apply an action filter to which will change the data on Dashboard A and also Dashboard B - I've been using a filter action to do this. However what I would like to do and I can't seem to find a way to is click the selection on Dashboard A and then remain on Dashboard A but have the data change on dashboard B.


      At the moment when I use the action the data does change on Dashboard B but I also jump over to dashboard B - Is there any way with actions that I can remain on Dashboard A?





      This numbered panel is on Dashboard A - When I click one of the panels the action takes me to Dashboard B - I want to change the data on dashboard B but also remain on Dashboard A (eg where this coloured panel is located)


      Any help greatly appreciated as always