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    Openid connec tion

    mark belfer



      we are in a process of integration of Tableaun product  with our software. Our software is written in windowsforms c#.

      our users login to our system and at some point click a button to view BI portal.

      We are using Single Signon in our product using IdentityServer. We integrated Tableau to use our openid when logging in from the web but we are having problems when accessing from our windows form app.

      we are trying to open tableau server url while passing a valid Bearer access token but always get a login page from our identity server.


      So to summarize - configuring tableau to point to our openid client - all is good, our login page displayed and user can log in using our credentials, biut when directly passing access_token as part of the header while trying to access dashboard not letting us through and redirects to our login page  anyway which we do not want since user is already logged in and has a valid access_token


      Anyone had similar task?


      Thank you


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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Mark,


          It sounds as though your application is sending an auth token as a header in the request to Tableau Server, is that correct?


          Tableau Server doesn't accept username or password information as headers or url parameters for security reasons, so it would not be able to accept that token and pass it on to another service. If you are using the same OpenID provider for Tableau Server and for your app - your browser should be remembering and supplying the cookie needed to authenticate. Unless the browser is setting and passing 1st and 3rd party cookies, you'll be prompted to authenticate each time. Have you checked the browser settings?