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    Side by side bars of measures without separate panes

    laura barksdale

      Hi! I have the requirement of creating a bar chart of completed and canceled projects with a line of targeted projects going on top of it.  It should look like this:


      I have gotten this far but now I'm struggle to make the bars side by side:

      I pulled in the measure names but it breaks up the year pane making the line graph get split up,  (it also moves the months to the top, it would be nicer to have on the bottom but that's not at all as important ) does anyone know if there is a way for it to not break up the pane like that?  I also tried pivoting the data but those fields being graphed are calculated fields so that's not an option. I'm attaching the workbook so you can look at the data and hopefully someone will know the answer to this.  Thanks!