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    How to find matching values of two different fields from different data source

    Dian Jiao

      I have two data sources in my Tableau workbook. Now I want to find the common values of field 1 in data source 1 and field 2 in data source 2.


      Based on this article http://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/comparing-matching-and-non-matching-records-across-blended-data-sources, I created a calculated field called "isCommon" with the folllowing calculation:


      IF attr([tech_nbr])=ATTR([datasource2].[Door ID]) then 'SAME' else 'Different' end.


      However when I add this field as filter, it seems all values are "Different".


      That article mentioned this method works when "2 Data Sources with Identical Data Structures" which is not the case here.I wonder if that is the reason it does not work for me.


      When I searched "Door ID" in data source 1, I was able to find some of the values.


      What am I doing wrong?