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    Previous and Current time period crosstab

    Scott Strool

      Can something like this be created as a single worksheet?


      If not, what alternatives are available to display similar information?


      Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 3.12.25 PM.jpg

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          Cathy Bridges

          I might be more inclined to put it on a single dashboard rather than a single worksheet.


          I think you'd need at least 6 calculations in order to divide your dates into those buckets.


          Something along these lines:

          IF DATEDIFF('month',[Month Date],[MaxMonth])<=11



          elseIF DATEDIFF('month',[Month Date],[MaxMonth])>11

          and DATEDIFF('month',[Month Date],[MaxMonth])<=23

          THEN 'PY'

          ELSE NULL END


          But you'd need to figure out the datediff you need for each bucket.