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    "Difference from first" table calc in 9.3?

    Dave Dixon

      This time I have a running calc in a viz giving me the % difference from the previous FY (simple bar chart of counts).  Figured that was the requirement, but I am told now that the target % difference for each FY is intended to be calculated from the baseline year, which is the first bar.


      Meaning I need Bar 1, then [Bar 2 and its % diff from bar 1], then [Bar 3 and its % diff from bar 1], and [Bar 4 and % diff from bar 1].


      I see newer versions of Tableau apparently have the ability to just let you pick what you want the running "Difference From" to reference.


      How do I do it in 9.3?   I'm told that a 10 upgrade is in the works but we don't know how many months that will actually take.