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    String Manipulation

    Austen Robinson

      Is there a way to manipulate a string of data into different fields?


      Ex  JoeCS9101


      So Joe in a field, CS in a field and 9101 in a field.


      I get this data daily and its a pain to write the formula in excel and them append the data.


      Any suggestions on a calc that would work?

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning - not certain I fully understand

          I think you have 3 fields Field 1, Field 2 and Field 3


          You can concatenate them

                    [Field 1]+[Field 2]+[Field 3]


          you may nee field 3 to be Str([Field 3)] if it comes in as a number and not a string




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            mark santino

            Hi Austen -


            You didn't specify if the string field was constant in terms of format or length, so I'm, providing a sample of possibilities for string manipulation. It's by no means the only way of accomplishing the objective. I took your sample string, and added several more lines. I made the first field variable length. see the attached TWBX file