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    Displaying Grand total for Header column

    Dineshkumar Subramanian Gopal

      Hi Folks,


      I have a requirement to display Totals for the Header column in by workbook.


      I could get the totals for the measures used in rows as show below.



      Country CodeCountProduct AProduct CProduct BProduct DProduct E
      United StatesUSA34010 30
      United KingdomUK2 20 10
      IndiaIND3 2133
      Grand Total 4012333310



      But how do i get the Total for Count too..





      Country CodeCountProduct AProduct BProduct CProduct DProduct E
      United StatesUSA340 1030
      United KingdomUK2 20 10
      IndiaIND3 1323
      Grand Total 84033123310


      Kindly let me know your inputs..