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    Divide using the sum of an average




      I'm far from a Tableau expert and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to create a viz as described below. This is fairly urgent and I keep thinking it should be fast and straight forward but I'm just not sure about the best approach.


      I have a table of data with a list of transactions.  The first 4 columns are parameters or dimensions for each transaction.  Column 5 is a date stamp - it is just the first day of the month in which the transaction happened.  The last 3 columns are numerical results of the transactions.  Here is a screen shot form the attached workbook.



      I would like to use a filter to choose a range of dates.  Then within that range of dates I'd like to sum all the values in column O and subtract the sum of column R.  Then I would like to sum column B for each date/month within the range and average those values.  Then the final calculation would be to divide [sum(column O - column R)] by  [average(monthly sums of column B)].   I'd like to be able to display the results segmented in a table with rows for Level and columns for Tier.  Here is an example layout using just the average of column B.



      Thanks in advance for any advice!!!