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    Dashboard Filter Action Not Working

    Craig G

      I am a power user (working in 10.2 currently) and very familiar with Tableau advanced features. I have a dashboard with three worksheets. Two of those are plots that I desire to use as filters to filter down the data in the rest of the dashboard. All data is from the same source and fields are discrete dimensions.


      • When adding a dashboard action and using worksheet A, everything works as expected: Action pill is created, dashboard filters on select.
      • When adding a dashboard action and using worksheet B, it does not work: Action pill is not created and no filtering occurs.


      I have created the filter directly in the dashboard action menu, and have created it using the "Use as Filter" drop down - both with no difference in outcome. Filter settings in the dashboard action match between the two. One simply created a action pill and works, and one did not create the pill and thus does not work.


      Any thoughts? (I cannot provide a sample workbook)


      I am dumbfounded.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Without a sample workbook, I can't help.


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            John Sobczak

            I agree with Joe.  Even if you can provide some screen shots of how your actions are set up that may help.   I tend to stay away from the "Use as Filter" actions as they are the most generic and go from source sheet to ALL OTHER SHEETS on the dashboard and for ALL FIELDS.   These create the "(generated actions)".   I would surgically create the dashboard actions in the actions dialog box and control each one with the "from" and "to" as well as perhaps target specific fields rather than use all fields.  It is very easy for multiple actions to get tangled up and conflict with each other.

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              Mariana LaDue



              Does action B work by itself? In situations when the second action filter selects data that is not a subset of the first action, the second action filter may cancel the first. It depends if the fields that are affected by the first filter are present in the report that needs to be filtered. The problem that I observed is that both action filters stay selected while in fact not both are applied.

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                Jen Shepherd

                Hi Craig,


                This just happened to me too and I was also dumbfounded.  I have one worksheet serving as a filter to three others, each with a separate dashboard filter action.  Two of the three were working just fine, with the Action pill showing on the filter shelf of both worksheets and the target worksheets showing on the dashboard when I made a selection from the source worksheet.  But the third action was MIA.  I even deleted that action and rebuilt it from scratch with the same result.  I confirmed that the source sheet was the only source on all three actions, and the target worksheet the only target. The only way I got it to work was by filtering all fields for the MIA action rather than selected fields.


                Were you ever able to resolve your issue?