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    Dashboard Filter Action Not Working

    Craig G

      I am a power user (working in 10.2 currently) and very familiar with Tableau advanced features. I have a dashboard with three worksheets. Two of those are plots that I desire to use as filters to filter down the data in the rest of the dashboard. All data is from the same source and fields are discrete dimensions.


      • When adding a dashboard action and using worksheet A, everything works as expected: Action pill is created, dashboard filters on select.
      • When adding a dashboard action and using worksheet B, it does not work: Action pill is not created and no filtering occurs.


      I have created the filter directly in the dashboard action menu, and have created it using the "Use as Filter" drop down - both with no difference in outcome. Filter settings in the dashboard action match between the two. One simply created a action pill and works, and one did not create the pill and thus does not work.


      Any thoughts? (I cannot provide a sample workbook)


      I am dumbfounded.