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    Grand totals are colored in spite of options

    Nathaniel Beers

      I'm having a problem with one of my highlight tables. As a reference, I am currently on Tableau 10.1.0 (and our internal security controls prevent me from updating.)

      I have put together a breakdown of personnel transactions, by division leader. I then put together a calculation so I could determine what percentage of the transactions happened as the result of associates applying internally to job postings versus transactions that happened because of a direct request to HR. I used that percentage to highlight the cells, and it worked exactly as I would have expected, given the numbers. Everything was working as expected, until i added in the column grand total. The column grand totals are all colored, while the column row totals are not. If I swap the columns and rows, then the row grand totals are highlighted while the columns are not.


      I double checked the color settings, and the Include Totals box is unchecked. Also, I have not attached my workbook because I am dealing with HR data. I can try to create a generic version so we can try to diagnose the issue, but I would love it if someone could help.


      I have tried searching, and the best answer I've come up with so far is Pooja Gandhi's answer here:Re: How can I remove the colour in the grand total cells of row and column in a heat map

      My only problem is that every time I try to follow the steps to hide the total, it hides the text label. It also puts a generic color in the background of that cell, but I could live with that if I still had the label. I have not tried creating a table calculation to generate the relevant totals instead of using the auto-generated ones yet (which was Pooja's first suggestion), but I was hoping to find if there was another solution. Or at least if this is a known bug in 10.1 that was fixed later on. I would love to have an excuse to force my company's IT group to update our Tableau software.