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    Select row of interest, compare to others, but only display row of interest results (aka hide rows of non interest or hide rows returning null)

    Keegan Keplinger

      Let's say I have three people running a marathon, they get three different times.  I don't care who is first place - I care about a particular runner.  I want to make a small card-size dash that says "Runner 5604 placed second" based on their RANK() but not have it display what every other runner ranked.  This is a metaphor for my data (which is proprietary and cannot be shared).


      Currently, I use RANK() to rank the runners, then I have a tableau calculation that assess a) whether they are the "runner of interest" and b) what rank they got.  The winner, depending on their rank, will have a different generated sentence.  I use:


      if attr([Runner of Interest])='isROI'



      if [Index]=1

      then 'Runner got first place!'

      elseif [Index]=2

      then 'Runner got second place.'

      elseif [Index]=3

      then 'Runner lost....'





      This results in the other two runners getting "null" values (which is perfect) - but... in the final dash, I don't want the other two runner mentioned or shown.


      I've been able to isolate the winners using "top N" filters (or INDEX() when TOP N failed due to filtering order) but I can't figure out how to isolate based on "interest" - i.e. some set of rows whose columns meet a certain condition (in this case, when [Runner of Interest]="isROI").