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    10.3 upgrade to 10.5.2 - tabadmin reindex not finishing

    Clint Guillory

      Installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2, restored Tableau backup to the new install.  Final step was reindexing but it never completed.  Killed process and attempted tabadmin reindex.  It kicked off  and I let it run for 17 hours and still didn't complete.  I did open a support case but wondering if anyone else was having issues with the upgrade to 10.5.2


      Also, with the server started can't hit the local host.  <servername>/#/projects but it's just a blank page, no error or anything.




      UPDATE - I restored from a smaller environment, successfully with no issues.  Still on Building Search Index step.  It's been less than an hour but there really isn't much on this backup.


      3/29/18 Restored much smaller backup to see if I'd have the same results and I did.  Backup was 0.1 gb.  Same outcome, screenshot below:


      Restore current.PNG

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          mark santino

          Hi Clint -


          Are you receiving an error message? If so, could you supply a screen shot of it? The index will get rebuilt whenever Tableau Server starts, so I'm wondering if something might have occurred in the upgrade (just a guess), prior to you restoring from the backup. Also, did you look at the reindex option on the GUI. I'm curious to know if this option is available based on the condition you mention. Depending upon server content, it can take some time to re-index, but 17 hours is certainly the extreme.

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            Clint Guillory

            Hi Mark


            thanks for your reply.  There is no error message at all.  I can't get to the option on the GUI since it doesn't load anything but a blank page.  I'm considering restoring a smaller backup of another environment to see if i have the same issue.  On the log file, it just shows the last step as "refreshing index.........." and that's the last entry.  I'll post the results of my attempt to load the smaller backup.