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    Create a new Dimension

    janie neff


      I'm trying to create a new field in my Tableau workbook. I have written the following as a calculation to show what data is being compiled in order to create my new field called 'Month'. Do I need to create a Set or a Group in order to get this new field called 'Month'?


      if [As of Date] = '1/31/2018' and [Org Year] = 2018 and [Org Month] = '1' then 'Jan'

      if [As of Date] = '2/28/2018' and [Org Year] = 2018 and [Org Month] = '2' then 'Feb'

      if [As of Date] = '3/31/2018' and [Org Year] = 2018 and [Org Month] = '2' then 'Mar'.....




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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Janie


          How did it work when you applied the calculation in your viz?


          When you created a calculated field in tableau it is  adding a column to the underlying table that supports each viz (like a column in an excel spreadsheet)

          you formula will place a value "Jan" etc in the field of that chart that corresponds to the condition in your IF statement AND a NULL in any field that does not meet any of the conditions (if that makes sense)

          So now to your question - you don't need to create a set - you have "Tagged" each record (think row) that met the condition -  so if you drag Month to the viz it will work as if you created a group --- you can use MONTH in calculations, filters etc




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