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    Line report question

    prashant gandhi

      Hi, I am brand new in Tableau. Trying to create my first report. I have fair hands on experience with Power BI.


      I have 2 values that I want to plot a report against.


      US States vs percentage goods sold. So on X axis I need the state names. On Y axis the percentage of good sold. How to do so?


      I have calculated the percentage goods sold and I can display them in tabular format without any problem. I can also display them in the bar chart. But the line chart is disabled. Google tells me that a date dimension is a must to use the line chart but in my case, I don't have a date dimension that I can use. The entire report is using the non date related dimensions. I am trying to replicate what I can do in Power BI. I could it so there. Any help is appreciated.  Thanks a lot.



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          nikher verma

          Hi Prashant ,


          It seems you are not using " marks shelf "  , just go to mark shelf and over there just change it to "line" And you can get a line chart .


          Here in mark shelves select "line"  and you will get a line chart .




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            prashant gandhi

            Hi Nikher, you are right. while playing around, I just figured that out. Thanks for pointing it out.


            I am able to plot a line with a reference cut out at 75%. I want to add a condition that anything above marker (75% cut off marker) should be plotted green and anything below cutoff should be plotted as a red line. Is ther a way to do so?


            Also the data points should get green and red conditionally as well. currently I am able to just show them as round dots. Thanks a lot my friend.