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    Not receiving an email on a consistent basis

    Holly C



      I am new to both Tableau and VizAlerts.


      I have made several Advanced VizAlerts using "Email Action" and "Email To" and am subscribed to it. The issue I have is that on some days, I receive emails properly as supposed to. But on other days, I don't receive an email for the same vizalerts even though I am supposed to (when looking at the worksheet in Tableau Server on the latest refresh extracts). I looked at the refresh schedule time, and the workbooks are being refreshed properly (we see the successful extracts in the admin Status: Background Tasks For Extracts dashboard too).


      Is there any reason why for the same VizAlert, sometimes I would have an email and sometimes not? Also, when putting "test_alert" in the comment, I would receive the email for some, and nothing for others.


      Can someone lead me as to where the problem is concerning the email issues?


      Thank you!

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          Matt Coles

          Hi Holly. There are about three possibilities:


          1. The email is being sent, but some of them are being filtered by your mailserver because it thinks it is spam. Or send to your Junk folder, or filtered by an email rule, or something.

          2. VizAlerts is not "seeing" data in your viz occasionally when it runs--or at least, no records where your Email Action value is 1. This can be due to data issues / latency, or a mismatch on a relative date filter and the schedule you picked for your VizAlert to run on, or filtering issues.

          3. The admin did not set up VizAlerts to run consistently every minute, as the documentation instructs.


          A good way to investigate what is happening is to look at the logs that VizAlerts generates in the \logs\ folder. You should be able to track down the name of the sheet you're subscribed to, and search for it. Then you'll see VizAlerts picking it up, and downloading the CSV data from it. If it has no records, it will record a line saying "Nothing to do". If it does, then you can follow the logs from there and watch for where it sends the emails to verify that they're actually being sent. If so, then it's time to troubleshoot on the email server, or email client side.

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            Holly C

            Hi Matt,


            Thank you for your answer!


            It is not in my spam or junk folder.


            But I looked up in the log. There is something weird. I have a vizalert for which its extract is scheduled for 11pm every day. It completed its extract at 12:11am on the 28th according to the "Background Tasks For Extracts" dashboard. I am subscribed to it with the "VizAlerts - On Refresh Success - Every 1 hour from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM" schedule. When I looked at the log from 27th 11pm to 28th 11am, I don't see any record related to the alert in question (when performing a search) except for when I tried a test_alert. What does this mean? I also successfully received some email for this particular vizalert.


            I will continue digging for the other alerts, but any help would be appreciated!

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              Matt Coles

              Hmm, interesting...could be a bug. Here comes another fun enumerated list! Could I get:


              1. A screenshot of the schedule details (what the admin would see when editing it)

              2. A screenshot of the "subscriptions" tab for the workbook you're using

              3. The exact (down to the second) time that the extract refresh on your workbook completed

              4. The VizAlert logs for the time range you're looking at


              (make sure to redact any sensitive information before sharing--or better, send #4 to [my first initial][my last name] at tableau dot com and I'll take a look)

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                Holly C

                Thank you Matt,


                I just sent you a personal email.

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                  Matt Coles

                  Hmm, I can't seem to find an email from you. Check the address, and try again without the attachments, just to make sure it goes through.

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                    Matt Coles

                    Hey Holly, if you have a script running your extracts, rather than having them triggered on a Tableau Server schedule, then that could have been the problem. If that's the case for you, check out the fix I just added to this thread, as it may solve your issue.