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    Error to import a shapefile (.prj file)

    Antônio Alves Tôrres Fernandes

      Hello Everyone!


      Everytime I try to add a shapefile to tableau I get an error asking for the .prj file. The problem is that this file is already in the same folder of the shapefile, but tableau continues to ask for this .prj file. Does anyone can help me? Thank you!

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          Sarah Battersby

          So long as the .prj is in the same folder with the other parts of the shapefile (and has the same file name as the other files that make up the shapefile) it should work.  Is there any way that you can zip up the shapefile and share it with me so that I can take a look to see if it's an issue with the file or something else? 



          Tableau Research

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            Antônio Alves Tôrres Fernandes

            Thank you for your help! I'm sending the attatched file.

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              Sarah Battersby

              I think I know what is going on with your file... the shapefile you have has the wrong projection defined.  I was able to open the file okay with QGIS, but noticed that the coordinates showing up weren't in line with what I would expect from WGS84 (lat values should have all been between -90 and 90; lon values between -180 and 180).


              To test out a theory, I made a random guess that the data might actually be in SIRGAS 2000 / Brazil Mercator (EPSG: 5641), so I re-defined the projection and that new file opens just fine in Tableau.  BUT...I am pretty sure this isn't the correct projection since the data ends up being rendered in the middle of the ocean when Tableau re-projects it and drops it on our base map.  So, I would advise doing some checking to determine the original projection for the data before going forth with your analyses. 


              UPDATE:: I just couldn't let this go, so I Googled the location of Recife and figured out the appropriate UTM zone.  I re-defined the dataset to SIRGAS 2000 / UTM Zone 25 South and it looks good to me.  So, new file attached and I hope this works for you!


              My guess is what was happening is that Tableau tried to open the shapefile, read the .prj and said 'aha, WGS84' and then ALL of the coordinates in the file were way out of bounds for what was expected with that coordinate system and thus the error.



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