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    Calling Tableau Developers

    Kristy McGee

      Good afternoon,


      Want to have the ability to make a difference in our fellow Tennessean's daily life? Is your portfolio up to date?  Want to help developing dashboards utilizing over 29,000 datasets (total 'open' datasets for public to review)?


      We are looking for help for the State of TN, Strategic Technologies Service group.  It is a great opportunity to work with some of the best people and make a difference in our community.  


      If you are interested, please review this site to apply.  If you have any questions about the position or anything, please let me know - I am not a recruiter, but a coworker. 


      Join Our Dynamic Team | Knowledge Services




      • Expert Level skills in Tableau Dashboards and visualizations, 50%
      • Write and maintain SQL Queries, 10%
      • Building Data Analysis Plans, Complex Queries and Analytical Models using analytics, 10%
      • Interacting with Customers for requirements and provide consulting, 20%
      • Mentor other BI developers in creating dashboards, visualizations and reporting, 10%




      STS currently has a need to support Business Domains, Departments and internal needs utilizing Tableau. This is in support of the State of Tennessee Strategic Data Plan. This data plan covers the following areas:
      • Workforce development - Recognizes the growing need to educate the existing workforce and recruit highly skilled professionals in the Data Sciences, as data-driven services become a foundation on the State’s ability to promote evidence-based decision making.
      • Collaboration/Digitization - essential in streamlining business operations and taking advantage of the States digital infrastructure; promotes collaborative efforts, unified communication, and consensus decision making.
      • Information Architecture - promotes data adaptability and flexibility through an interoperable framework in support of multi-departmental collaboration; breaks down silos, enhances awareness of one of the State’s largest assets, data.
      • Master Data Management – Provides a central service hub managing identity services across dispirit systems to facilitate data sharing and citizen centric Portal and mobile services.
      • Data Governance - promotes standards, best practices, consistency, and quality in the management and use of data throughout the enterprise.
      • Analytics and Visualization – assists the State in telling a compelling story about what, how, and why the State operates – along with the impact these have on the communities it serves.