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    Can I perform a count of or aggregate a grouped dimension?

    Christina Reid



      I may not be have titled this discussion properly; however, per the bar chart below I have a dimension called Doc. No. (y axis) that I grouped in Tableau and now would like to count how many documents (i.e. Doc. No.) have had "x" number of inquiries (x axis). 


      For example, documents 3116 and 3367 below have been inquired about 9 times.  The expected result would show something like Doc. Count on the (y axis) of 2 and No. of Inquiries would reflect 9.  The rows and columns can be swapped.


      The four document numbers (i.e. 3213, 3266, 3422, 3543) that have had 8 inquiries would be counted together as 4 so I can display the inquiry frequency based upon document. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated. 



      Thank you,