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    Help with multiple measures on 1 axis.

    Taylor Owen

      Tableau Desktop 10.4 (The attached tableau file is in 10.5 but my main dashboard is currently 10.4)

      What I am trying to accomplish: So i am working with financial data and I need to show Budget for FY18 (labeled as "budget"), Actuals for FY18 (labeled as "CY" [current year]) and FY13-17 Actuals (Labeled as "FY13, FY14...). I am reading that putting three measures on the same axis is not possible in tableau so I thought of a few possible solutions. The first solution being that I combine CY and Budget and still be able to show the measures separately (For now, lets call it "measure1"). The second measure would contain FY13-17 Actuals (lets call that "measure2"). Visually, I want measure1 to be shown as bars that sit on top of each other (NOT STACKED). I have pictures to show this. I want measure2 to be shown as separate lines.


      Picture: I want something very similar except Budget would be the black bars, CY would remain the red bars, and PY would be 5 lines (FY13-17)


      Picture2: this is what I have done. Issues in this picture include one of the measures data from "measure values" not being displayed. In another instance, it was displayed but the bars were stacked on top of each other.


      Picture3: Here is what I have done with the data I provided.


      The data I have: I attached an excel document with similar data I am using. The column titled "Scenario + Year" is a calculated dimension. I have category1 data and category2 data to show that this is the format of how my data is set up and that I need to create sheets for each category.


      If you need additional information, let me know. If you have an alternative solution, feel free to present it.