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    Excel Extract Refresh does not work


      Hi All,


      I have a data source where I am joining two SQL Servers and an excel workbook and extracting the data. See attachment "Data Sources".

      Below are the steps performed to use this data source:

      1. The excel workbook is connecting to a shared folder - the connection was made by going to the UNC path.

      2. After extract, I right clicked on the extract and published to server.

      3. Following this, I created a new workbook with visualizations by connecting to the published data source from 2.

      4. Published the viz workbook in 3. to the server and set up automatic refresh for every hour


      My SQL Server refreshes work in bringing the latest data but the Excel part of data source is static.


      When I download my published data source (point 2) to my desktop and look at my excel path, it shows me a path to my temp folder even though I had published it with the UNC path.


      Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.