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    Calculating Net Change

    Megha Bhatnagar

      How can I add a new column that is called net change and calculates the difference between all the Values in the other three columns.

      Also how can I make sure that users are only able to select two values from the year filter.


      I am attaching a mock for reference

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          Wesley Magee


          For the first request, difference between all Values, I'm assuming you mean the either the difference from the first year to the latest or the difference from year to year. The attached is an example of the first. I've just used the Amount field and added a quick table calculation on it by right clicking and selecting Quick Table Calculation > Difference. I right clicked on it again to select Relative To > First. You can do this with the other metrics and select whether you want it to compare to the first year or just the prior.


          I'm not aware of a way to restrict selection to just two years other than parameterizing your metrics to a selected year. The user could then select whether to compare to the prior year or another preceding year.



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            Megha Bhatnagar

            Hi Wesley,

            Thank you so much for responding. Is there a way to show all the differences in a different column called net change?

            This is what I am trying to accomplish.

            Also membership turns up on every column. I want membership and net change to be a separate column. Appreciate your help