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    tableau-api javascript npm latest version configured incorrectly?

    Dean Heisey

      Not sure if this is the correct place but I thought I would start here and see where I end up.


      when I do an npm install -S tableau-api  the package.json that gets downloaded appears to be configured incorrectly: 


      the version of the api that is pulled down ot my node_modules folder is :  tableau-2.1.2  but the  package.json is listing the version as tableau-2.2.1.js.  When I attempt to use the latest api the app wont run however if I force version 2.1.2 by running the following:


      npm install -s tableau-api@2.1.2  the version numbers match and the app runs.  who can I surface this to so I can move to the latest version of the api??