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    Viz in Tooltip on Server behaving strangely

    Timothy Blaisdell

      Hello all,


      I have a viz in a tooltip on one of my dashboards. As you hover over one of two bar charts, the tooltip viz should filter. This works perfectly on Desktop. However, when I publish it to the server, the tooltip viz does not filter initially. If you hover over bar A, the tooltip viz does not filter the data. When you hover over bar B, it will filter. It is not until you click on bar A, does the data filter. I then tried reversing it. I republished it and tried hovering over bar B first. Nothing was filtered. I then hovered over bar A, and it filters.


      This is what I have tried from reading other posts:

           1. Publishing the worksheet for the tooltip Viz.

           2. Publishing the workbook as tabs.


      Any ideas? 


      Thank you in advance.