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    Location (Country/region) in the same field

    Asif Iqbal

      Hi all,


      I have a strange field which is required to map the sales:



      LocationSales Person
      Czech RepublicXYZ


      Every location has a sales rep, and one manager for the entire region. I have to filter down the data on the map upon selection of the Sales Rep.


      I am wondering if I can somehow create a calculation to tell Tableau when select specific person (ex. SSS) it would show all countries (entry as Europe in the data), else just show the country matched with the name of the Sales Rep.


      any ideas how to do that.

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          Eric Hammond

          Hi Asif,


          • Duplicate the worksheet (right-click on the tab with the sheet name and click "Duplicate sheet").  I'll refer to the two sheets as sheet 1 and sheet 2.
          • Click the icon for new dashboard
          • Drag sheet 1 and sheet 2 to the dashboard.
          • From the menu, click dashboard, then actions...
          • Click Add Action, and choose filter
          • For Source sheets, only have Sheet 1 checked. 
          • set "Run Action On:" to Select
          • For Target Sheets, only have Sheet 2 checked.
          • "Clearing the selection will:" show all values.
          • Under Target Filters, click "Selected Fields", then click the button for "Add Filter..."
          • Select [Location] for the field (both source and target).
          • Click OK; OK (closes out action windows).


          Now as you drill down and select Sales Reps on Sheet 1, Sheet 2 will filter to show only locations associated with that sales rep (but will show data for all sales reps in that location.