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    Calendar Viz displaying the month in correct order

    Waseem Farman



      Wondering if anyone can suggest a way of resolving an issue I have got. I have created Calendar based Viz grouped by Term (Term Description (Excl Start)). The problem I have got is the month April is displaying in the fourth column in Summer term where as I would like it to display in the first column followed by May, June and July.


      The reason is because I have created calculated field which create the 4 by 3 grid based on EXCL_Start_date. Because of Easter the spring term always ends in early April and Summer term starts towards the end of April. I need the April month to display in both terms but I am struggling to get it to work.


      My calculated Column index field


      Case month([Excl Start Date])

      When 1 Then 1

      When 2 Then 2

      When 3 Then 3

      When 4 THEN 4

      When 5 Then 1

      When 6 Then 2

      When 7 Then 3

      When 8 Then 4

      When 9 Then 1

      When 10 Then 2

      When 11 Then 3

      When 12 Then 4