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    Adding % symbol for measures without converting the metric to STRING

    sudhir ranajn

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I have data in which there are four columns.

      1. Customer count

      2. Goods count

      3. Customer share

      4. Goods share

      Calculating customer share, I wrote the below calculated field.


      Customer count= count(# of customer)

      Customer share= count(# of customers) / Total(count(# of customers)) * 100


      But the numbers are showing to be 20.34, not 20.34% . I want the numbers for Customer count/Goods count as like 2,000( numbers with comma separated) and for customer share/Goods share as 20.34%(with % symbol).

      If I change the number format to percentage, then the whole data get affected. The customer count/Goods count showing like 2,000.00%, 15,456.56% which is inappropriate format. And if I add % symbol in calculated field making whole calculation as a STRING, then I am not able to use the data as continuous.


      Can you please help me to solve this situation.